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What to do Before You Join a Music Competition?

Being a star or reaching for the stardom will never be an overnight magic or glory. It will entail long nights of deliberation and brainstorming, it will take days, weeks, months, and even years before you can ever receive your spotlight and get recognized for your talent and music – sometimes – you won’t even have the chance. But the latter is the result of caving in and yielding towards the greater force. You don’t need that kind of spirit. You need to fuel your desire for recognition and spotlight with a great faith over yourself and for the things that you can do. Then you will make it big.

Of course as an artist you start by joining amateur music competition towards the biggest and most popular ones. In this little beginnings you must do massive effort and always put the best foot forward and top yourself always in every battle that you will be included, every chance to perform is every chance at your dream, you always need to come ready and more than prepared for that matter.

If you have heard about the opening audition of a certain music competition in your area, the best thing to deal with this is to take it seriously but without panicking. You need to give your own self a space to thin and breathe. You need to prepare days and weeks before the competition to ensure your spot and to have a higher chance for the price and spotlight. An entry would not be as satisfying as winning the competition.

So how are you going to do it? How are you going to help yourself or your band to get nearer to you dream? How will you win?

Provided that you already have the talent and the package to win a chance, you still need to hone it and exercise yourself to become better each day. Decide what piece you will perform and practice it religiously. In every competition, the important part of winning is leaving a mark, or having a good impression. The crowd along with the judges shall notice you because of you. You need to have aura that you alone possess.

Audience impact is much bigger than you think. When the crowd like you, then the judges will also like you and you might even mover further ahead of the competition. Never forget about the element of surprise. Thus you need to come having the best set of performance that will the judges’ and audience’ mouths agape.

Be a stunner and perform like you own the stage and the song you are playing. Play like it is your last and most importantly play like you are the winner already. Never feel doubt as it will badly reflect on your performance. Boost yourself with confidence and self-conviction by arriving at the audition or at the competition with enough and solid preparation that even your own self would not dare to doubt. It is your time to shine and you ca make it happen.

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